About ESIEE Paris

Created in 1904 under the name of Ecole Breguet, ESIEE Paris has immediately distinguished itself as an engineering school focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. One of its most renowned former students is Marcel Dassault, founder of one of the very first industrial groups, the Dassault Aviation group. More recently, another graduate, Yann LeCun, made the news by creating the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. ESIEE Paris was also recognized as the first engineering school from which French entrepreneurs graduated at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.



As a CCI Paris Île-de-France school, ESIEE Paris is naturally open to the dynamism of companies. It trains engineers in the digital fields (IT, data, networks, electronics, embedded systems), their new applications (e-health, energy, environment) and their management (industrial engineering and technology management). ESIEE Paris is committed to the development of engineering education through apprenticeship and the creation of a reference training center in the field of connected objects: ESIEE Connect.

Research and innovation

The research, innovation, and industrial collaborations are a priority for ESIEE Paris, whose work is focused on 3 main areas : a sustainable city, health, STIC and society.
ESIEE Paris has 5 technological platforms available : White room, Virtual reality room, Microwave, Optics and Digital Communications ; Embedded Systems Platform ; Analysis of database related to innovation.

ESIEE Paris in the news : number 1 ranking of post-baccalaureate engineering schools

Student 2018 ranking : ESIEE Paris is the 11th best post-baccalaureate school and the 3rd best school in the Ile-de-France region – 8th in the criteria of proximity to companies (1st post-baccalaureate school in  Ile-de-France) – 2nd in the criteria of openness to  parallel admissions.

SMBG ranking of the best training courses 2017-2018 : ESIEE Paris is number 1 of the Ile-de-France schools and 5th in the general ranking.

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