4 ESIEE Paris students win the Engineers of the Future award

On Wednesday 7th December, the Engineers of the Future award ceremony took place, which was arranged by magazine L’Usine Nouvelle.


Mattéo Pepin, Sébastien Bois, Maxime Bouet and Quentin Mur were awarded the Tech for Good award as well as the People’s Choice award.

Their project, Braille Alpha, is a printer designed to aid those with visual impairments. Numeric texts and manuscripts are uploaded using the mobile app which are then sent to the printer using Bluetooth. The algorithms coded by our 4 students, then translate the texts into braille.
Learn more about their project in this video

In June, the Braille Alpha project also won the prize for the Best Technical Project which was awarded by Texas Instruments on ESIEE Paris Project Day 2022.

Criteria for the Tech for Good Award

The Tech for Good award is given to engineering students for an innovative invention
that benefits general interest and the common good. The invention must show evidence of social engagement,solidarity and respect to the three aspects of sustainable development: cost-efficiency, social responsibility and the protection of the environment.

Heavair, an aerial vehicle that aims to improve emergency personnel’s access to inaccessible areas, a project by ESIEE Paris student Xavier Beaunol was also nominated in the Tech for Good category.
Find out more about Heavair

Engineers of the Future: two ESIEE Paris student projects nominated.