22nd March: Research Morning at ESIEE Paris

A new Research Morning will take place at ESIEE Paris on 22 March 2019. This event will be dedicated to the situation of the research within the framework of the project ‘I-Site Future’. Scientific exchanges will take place between the teacher-researchers of ESIEE Paris


9h30 – Introduction by Olivier Français, Directory of Research at ESIEE Paris

9h35 – Ecoquartier Project - Pierre Perrin, team ‘I-Site’

10h00 – Experiments for a sustainable campus, demonstrator of the towns of tomorrow– Pauline Blonde, who is responsible for the development of territorial experimentation and for ‘I-Site Future’ demonstrators, and Elyes Nefzaoui, teacher-researcher at ESIEE Paris

10h25 – Coffee break

10h40 – News : I-Site Future – Cécile Delolme, Vice-President of the COMUE Paris-Est in charge of the project ‘I-SITE Future’

10h50 – Urban Vision, ‘I-Site’ project– Thierry Grandpierre, teacher-researcher at ESIEE Paris

11h10 – Andre, ‘I-Site’ project - Elyes Nafzaoui, teacher-researcher at ESIEE Paris

11h40 – Nano4Water – Elyes Nafzaoui, teacher-researcher at ESIEE Paris and Frédéric Marty, MEMS Project Manager at ESIEE Paris

The morning event is open to the public.