Séminaire LIGM - Probabilistic real-time systems

Liliana Cucu-Grosjean, chercheuse à l'INRIA fera un séminaire sur les systèmes temps-réel probabilistes au LIGM le 14 juin prochain à 11h00.


Since the early work of Lehoczky on real-time queuing theory, probabilistic approaches have addressed many aspects of real-time systems. This presentation concentrates on the migration of probabilistic methods from modelling soft real-time systems to analysing hard real-time systems. The history of this migration is outlined over the last two decades, advancing under different banners including stochastic, probabilistic and statistical analysis. Here, the shift from the deterministic analysis of single upper bound values to more expressive forms using probability distributions has undermined or modified many classical real-time results, such as the optimality of Rate Monotonic assignment. Two common misconceptions concerning probabilistic real-time systems are discussed: independence and the identical distribution. These properties are less restrictive than is widely appreciated and together with probabilistic worst-case reasoning form the basis of the main results currently proposed for hard real-time systems. The presentation summarises recent state-of-the-art research into probabilistic real-time systems, and concludes with the main open challenges in this area.


Liliana Cucu-Grosjean is an INRIA researcher in AOSTE team at INRIA de Paris. She has a degree in Mathematics, an MSc in Physics, and a PhD and habilitation (HDR) both in Computer Science (Paris XI, respectively Paris VI). Since then she has been active in four major European real-time and embedded systems research groups, in Portugal, Belgium, and France. Starting from September 2013 she has joined the AOSTE team at INRIA Paris (Rocquencourt). Liliana has been involved in, and led, numerous national and European projects focused on real-time scheduling, timing analysis and the use of probabilistic and statistical methods. She is at one of the main actors of the recent renaissance in using probabilistic and statistical approaches to analyse hard real-time systems.