Who produces the most “French Tech” entrepreneurs ?.. ESIEE Paris in Top Three !

Sources : CGE/AEF - laGraphique.com-tous droits réservés

Who produces the creators behind innovative start-up technologies in France ? The conference of Grandes écoles (CGE) wanted to provide a first response to this question, spurred on by the impression that is often referred to, explains Francis Jouanjean, CGE’s managing director, in an interview with AEF.

One university, UPMC, one business school, HEC, and one engineering school, ESIEE Paris: These were the top three who produced the most French entrepreneurs at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas in January 2015 - the biggest international convention for technological innovation in consumer electronics - according to research by the CGE and AEF, from the list of start-up businesses at the convention run by French Tech.

ESIEE Paris among the top three academic institutions that have produced the most French entrepreneurs at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

From the 112 enterprises listed, the CGE and AEF have constructed the training course (initial and ongoing) of the 113 founders and co-founders. It appears that 68% of them were educated at a Grande Ecole (48% engineering, 25% business), 41% at a university, while the remaining 19.5% took a hybrid route.

What is French Tech?

“French Tech” is government initiative launched at  the end of 2013, in order to “promote the emergence of successful start-up businesses, to generate economic value and employment”. So, “French Tech” is the name given to “The eco-system of French start-up businesses”, explains David Monteau, Director of the French Tech project, in an interview with AEF.