UPE thesis award : awarded to an ESIEE PhD student!

The ESIEE Paris PhD student Maïra Possas-Abreu, is awarded the ‘l’Université Paris-Est’ (UPE) Thesis Prize for the ‘MSTIC- Mathématiques et Systèmes Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication’ (Mathematics and Technology Systems of Information and Communication) doctoral school, for her thesis.

“The design and development of MEMS silicon and diamond sensor networks, for vapour detection”

Maïra Possas-Abreu carried out her thesis in the ESYCOM laboratory* supervised by Gaëlle Lissorgues, lecturer and researcher at ESIEE Paris, and co-supervised by Lionel Rousseau, Process Engineer at ESIEE Paris.

*The laboratory of Electronics, Communication Systems and Microsystems

The l’Université Paris-EST Thesis Awards distinguish every year, for each one of its doctoral schools, the best work of its doctors, who are shortlisted among the graduates of the year previous year for their quality, their originality and their range vis-à-vis the society.

The ceremony took place on 7th November at l’ENVA, Maison-Alfort.