Students at ESIEE Paris create Engineering’Pact

Students at ESIEE Paris are creating the association Engineering’Pact to help with the humanitarian crisis of refugees forced to flee their country in the grip of war. Their goal is to allow student refugees to integrate into the school.

The « En’Pact community » is made up of students, old students but also professors supported by the school. This new team accompanies the student refugees in their integration and brings them the necessary support in preparation of their professional future.

The program accompanies the refugees until they receive their engineering degree

  • Bringing up to standard: French lessons, engineering sciences…
  • Personal and professional coaching sessions

To allow good integration, each of the new students is supervised by a student from the school and an old student or PhD student.

En’Pact wishes to use the presence of refugees in France to make the most of their potential.

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Shahm Maskoun, political refugee and graduate ESIEE Paris (promo 2015) (translated from French)

« After dark times and a dangerous journey of over two years (2011-2012) from Syria to France, passing through Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, I arrived in France in the midst of 2013. In the beginning of November 2013, I started my Master 2 en systèmes de télécommunications hautes fréquences at the university Paris Est Marne la Vallée in collaboration with ESIEE Paris, Télécom sud Paris and CNAM Paris. Little by little and after listening to courses I recorded every day, I got used to the technical terms used during lectures. I finished my master and I had a great opportunity to stay at ESIEE Paris to an internship at the end of my studies in the laboratories of ESIEE Paris, supervised by Ms Geneviève Baudoin, Mr Olivier Venard, et Mr Mazen Abi Hussein who were part of the academic body of the school. »