ESIEE Paris, partnered with the 2017 women’s industry awards!

For the 6th year running, ESIEE Paris has teamed up with the women’s industry awards organised by the l’Usine Nouvelle magazine.

The event will take place on the 26th September, with Elizabeth Ducottet attending (CEO of THUSANE and joint president of METI).

A panel of professionals will award 11 trophies, to honour the most remarkable female careers. ESIEE Paris has joined forces with l’Usine Nouvelle and the community of women in the industry to pay tribute to the outstanding careers of these women, who between them, knew exactly how to get to the top.

Jean Mairesse, General Director of ESIEE Paris, will give out a trophy to the lady who is ‘off to a promising start’. This distinction will be given to a woman who, throughout her 4 first years of professional experience, has taken on exceptional responsibilities, constantly noted by her peers and the by the managers of the company. This award will be awarded, quite simply, to a young graduate with strong potential.

Results to be announced soon…