Job opportunities

  • Mobile communications and telecommunications
  • Automotive technologies and aerospace
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Sensors networks for health, environment, automation, industry
  • Health care and human body monitoring
  • Communicant sensors networks

Thanks to the management training included in the programme, graduates are able to develop their careers towards various managing positions such as product manager, project leader, or technical director.

Placement (2015)

93% of graduates were employed after graduating at ESIEE. 71% were employed before graduation.

Average yearly salary during the 1st year : 38001€ (52000€ for international careers)

Academic research collaborations

  • French South-African Technological Institute, F'SATI (South Africa)
  • University of Tokyo(Japan)
  • Nanyang Technology University, NTU (Singapore)
  • Tshingua University (China)
  • Ecole polytechnique de Montreal (Canada)
  • Université française d'Egypte (Egypt)
  • UC Irvine (US)
  • Princeton University (US)
  • IMEC (Belgium)
  • Manilla University (Philippines)
  • More than 25 universities in Europe : Karlsruhe University (Germany) - Ulm University (Germany) - Southampton University (UK) - Chalmers University (Sweden) - EPFL (Switzerland) - Brno University (Czech Republic)...

Examples of industrial collaborations

  • Microelectronics (ST-MICROELECTRONIC, FREESCALE, NXP, Texas Instruments)
  • Automotive (Renault, PSA, Bosch, Delphi)
  • Aeronautics and space (EADS-AIRBUS, ESA, THALES, CNES, SAFRAN-SNECMA)
  • Telecommunications (ORANGE, SFR, ALCATEL-LUCENT,CISCO)
  • Medical (GE Healthcare, Siemens, Sanofi-Aventis)
  • Security and Defense (THALES, SAGEM, SAFRAN)
  • Consumer electronic (PHILIPS, NXP, FREESCALE)
  • Informatics (IBM, SOPRA)
  • Environment and cities (Vinci-Devoteam, Paris Airport, Advancity...)