Job opportunities

  • Mobile communications and telecommunications
  • Automotive technologies and aerospace
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Radio frequency components and system design
  • Sensors for health, environment, automation, industry
  • Biological and bio-chemical interfaces
  • Health care and human body monitoring
  • Communicant sensors networks

Thanks to the management training included in the programme, graduates are able to develop their careers towards various managing positions such as product manager, project leader, or technical director.

Placement (2015)

93% of graduates were employed after graduating at ESIEE. 71% were employed before graduation.

Average yearly salary during the 1st year : 38100 € (52000 € for international careers)

Research environment

Research Areas

  • Micro-instrumentation
  • Telecommunication systems: RF & optical MEMS
  • Bio-MEMS
  • Electronic systems for embedded applications
  • Methodology, architecture & chip design
  • Wireless communications (transceiver architecture for cognitive radio, UWB, RFID)
  • Microwaves photonics
  • Signal processing, coding of signals and images
  • Nomadic applications and ambient intelligence

Technological Equipment and Platform

  • Micro- and nano- fabrication technological platform (300m² clean-room): supporting both teaching and industrial R&D, and hosting dynamic start-ups and major industrials
  • MEMS and Nano-scale characterization tools: down to the atomic scale
  • Microwave and millimeter wave characterization platform: for wireless ICs, photonic devices and systems
  • RFID characterization platform