8 octobre : inauguration du Fablab Descartes !

ESIEE, Paris, a member of the Western Paris University community, and partner of Fablab Descartes.

As part of the festival of science, the Fablab Descartes will open, in front of the establishment’s members and partner universities, on the 8th October 2015.

Placed at the heart of the Cité Descartes, the Fablab will be equipped with tools (such as a 3D printer, laser cutting, vinyl cutting) and other software that can transform an idea into a prototype in just a few hours.

In addition to the incubator’s resources, the Fablab Descartes will support innovation and will be open to the general public; whether you are an entrepreneur, researcher, designer, student, artist, DIY enthusiast, or otherwise.

This new space will be accessible for students and professors of ESIEE, Paris.

Tarik Bourouina, scientific advisor at ESIEE, Paris, will speak at the opening, during the conference of « Les compétences Fablab du cluster Descartes » and will give a presentation on the technological platforms at ESIEE, Paris.

What is a Fablab?

These spaces for creation, experimentation and small scale production, revolutionize practices and open the doors to the possibility of accessing professional digital machines for a wide audience. Both industrial and smaller companies can prototype at a lower cost, and the students and teachers can find a place for sharing and exchange, suitable for creativity.