The “ESIEE + Grants” used towards internships abroad

The ESIEE Paris grants, created by the alumni association (AA-ESIEE), are being used to help four students finance their internships abroad.

On the 25th January, four grants, to the value of 1000 euros each were handed to two ESIEE Paris students and two ESIEE Amiens students by Flavien LEBARBE, the president of “ESIEE + Grants”, accompanies by Fabien DANGEL, the director of development at ESIEE Paris.

The four students are:

  • Jennyfer Levoux and Jordan Singkouson, 4th year students from ESIEE Paris
  • Delphine Robillard and Jason Thorrignac, students from ESIEE Amiens

These grants, created in 2013, are used to support the actions of the alumni that:

  • Participate in the financing of studies
  • Support international mobility
  • Support the innovation in the schools
  • Finance the teaching and research chairs

The donators, individual or enterprise, benefit from tax reductions if their donations are proved to have been used publically.


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